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What Are the Differences Between Search Engines and the World Wide Web?

Many people find it difficult to understand the differences between the world wide web, the Internet, and the search engines. Understanding the differences between these will help a user of Internet enabled devices to understand what software it is that they are using at any one time, and this is particularly key for a website looking to improve its organic traffic. When it comes to search engine optimization, there is no better team than us at The Guerrilla Agency, which is what makes us the best people to help your online business.

At The Guerrilla Agency, our business makes it necessary for us to understand the differences between Internet, the world wide web, and the search engines. So, what makes these three seemingly similar technologies unique and distinct to one another, and most importantly, what are the differences between the search engines and the world wide web?


What Is The World Wide Web?

The world wide web is the world’s largest collection of web pages and documents on the world, and serves as a collection for every single web page hosted on the internet servers today. In fact, with well over one and a half billion websites hosted on the internet network, the sheer size and computing power of the world wide web is positively staggering.


What Is A Search Engine?

A search engine is a piece of software, such as Google or Yahoo, that allows people to search for specific documents from the world wide web. As previously mentioned and stated, with so many websites and web pages now stored as a collection on the world wide web, an organizational and search function is absolutely necessary—and this is exactly what a search engine allows for. While previous models of search engines were limited in their power and early models could do little more than search for content (but not actually display it), modern search engines can load up any document and have the coding and algorithms in place to make it possible for them to be able to order and rank websites based on their relevance to the user’s search requirements.


What Are The Differences Between Search Engines And The World Wide Web

In simple terms, the world wide web acts as the collection for all of the website and web pages available on the internet network—and the search engine exists to sort through these, as something of an indexing function. In other words, if the world wide web can be imagined as the world’s largest bookshelf (with over a billion entries), then the search engine can be considered to be the contents pages which tell you where to find a specific book.


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